Collection Development Policy

Libraries have a clear and unalterable responsibility for the dissemination of knowledge and of making knowledge available to all individuals. Freedom in the public library is the corollary of freedom of speech by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. The freedom to read is essential to our democracy.

Historically, the public library was developed as an agency for the free, public, informal education of the individual. Books are among our greatest instruments of freedom and knowledge. They are the natural medium for the new idea and the untried voice, from which come the original contributions to social growth. They are the source of mankind's history, knowledge, and ideas from the beginning of the recorded word. They are essential to the extended discussion which serious thought requires, and to the accumulation of knowledge and ideas into organized collections. The Roslyn Public Library subscribes to these ideals.

Libraries do not advocate the ideas found in their collections. The presence of a book, magazine, or other materials in the library does not indicate an endorsement of its contents by the library.

It is in the public interest for libraries to make available the widest diversity of views and expressions, including those which are unorthodox or unpopular with the majority.

The Board of Trustees of the Roslyn Public Library believes that, while everyone is free to reject for themselves materials of which they do not approve, they cannot restrict freedom of others to read or inquire.

In the case of “graphic novels”, many come with ratings from the publisher on the back of the book. This is similar to a movie or video game rating. This is informational to the reader and the guardian of the reader due to the picture content.

The Board of Trustees of the Roslyn Public Library adopts and declares that it will adhere to and support:

The Library Bill Of Rights, American Library Association Council, 1996.

Intellectual Freedom Statement, The Washington Library Association, 2001.

American Library Association Code of Ethics, American Library Association Council, 1995.

Freedom to View Statement, American Library Association, 1990.

Freedom to Read Statement, American Library Association, 2000.

Copies of these documents are a part hereof.

Collection Development

The Board of Trustees of the Roslyn Public Library recognizes that within Roslyn and the surrounding area there are groups and individuals with widely separate and diverse interests, backgrounds, cultural heritages, social values and needs. The Board further recognizes that the library was created to serve all of the people of Roslyn and the surrounding upper county area regardless of age, race, creed, national origin, or political or social views.

The objective of the Roslyn Public Library is to select organize, preserve, and to make freely and easily available to the people of the community printed and other materials, within the limitations of space and budget, which will aid them in the pursuit of education, information, research, recreation and in the creative use of leisure time.

Selection of all library materials shall be done by the Librarian, who may, at times, solicit recommendations from a person or persons with specific knowledge of a collection. Book suggestions are welcome and encouraged from the community, and we endeavor to respond to all requests either through purchases, interlibrary loans, or other means. The Librarian has final approval of selections added to the collection.

Selection of library materials shall be made on the basis of interest, information, and enlightenment of the people of Roslyn and the upper county and to foster the communication of ideas, to provide opportunity and encouragement for all to educate themselves continuously, to help people equip themselves for useful occupations and practical affairs, sharpen their competence to form sound judgments, increase their appreciation of their cultural heritage, and enrich their leisure hours. Factors to be considered shall include timeliness, effective expression, significance of subject, sincerity, responsibility of opinions, and evaluations in professionally recognized critical guides. No materials shall be excluded because of race, nationality, or the political or social views of the author. Library materials may be sequestered for the purpose of protection from damage or theft.

The library will accept gifts provided that they meet the general criteria for selection of materials and are in fair condition. Any books not selected for the collection may be sold for the benefit of the Roslyn Public Library.

The ratio of books purchased within specific subject areas will be determined by demand and availability and budget.

Serious works which present an honest aspect of life or of some human problem are selected for their positive values and are not necessarily excluded on a basis of coarse language or frankness.

The library recognizes and accepts its responsibility to provide books and materials for children and young people to broaden their educational background and experience, to open to them the profound experience of reading as a prerequisite and necessary tool for living, books and materials that enrich the quality of thought and expression and that provide recreation. To this end the collection will include as wide a selection as possible with due consideration given to the criteria of value and integrity, background and information authenticity, and style and presentation of the subject matter involved.

It is not the purpose of the collection to take the place of the elementary, junior high, high school or college library, although many of its books and materials may be used by students to augment school library collections. It is the responsibility of the public school system to supply these curriculum materials.

The Board of Trustees of the Roslyn Public Library further recognizes that discarding no longer useful materials from the collection is as important a part of maintenance of the library collection as the initial selection. Therefore, the discard policy of the library shall include the same factors considered for selection.

This policy is dedicated to a selection of those materials of the highest quality in order to assure an objective collection for the residents of the City of Roslyn and upper Kittitas County, the selection to be based upon principle rather than personal opinion, reason rather than prejudice, and judgment rather than censorship.

Reevaluation of Library Materials

In order to maintain a balanced collection, the Roslyn Public Library reflects differing points of view. The presence of an item in the library collection does not indicate library endorsement of a particular belief or an author’s point of view.

Recognizing that it serves a varied community with a wide diversity of tastes and convictions, the Roslyn Public Library welcomes expressions of concern about the contents of items held in its collection. However, no book or other library material is automatically removed from the collection because of an objection to it. Instead, the Roslyn Public Library follows the following process:

Staff is available to discuss concerns and identify alternate materials that may be available. If a patron's concern is not satisfied through discussion with staff, a formal request can be put in writing. While an item is being reviewed, copies of it will remain on active status in the collection.

The Director or other staff member or volunteer will give the patron the form entitled "Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials” along with a copy of the Collection Development Policy.

The completed form, along with notes of any oral interviews with the patron, will be referred to the Director.

The material in question will be reviewed by the Director and professional reviews will be checked if possible.

Within four (4) weeks a written or oral reply of the Director's decision to retain or discard the materials will be made to the patron.

If the patron is not satisfied with this response, he/she may bring the matter before the Library Board. Upon receiving your request for review, the Board will handle the matter as a body at a regular or special meeting of the Board.

Within eight (8) weeks a written reply of the Library Board’s decision to retain or discard the materials will be made to the patron.

Adopted by the Roslyn Public Library Board of Trustees, May 6, 2002; Reviewed May 5, 2007, Revised May 9, 2009.

Made possible with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Washington State Library, Office of the Secretary of State.